We develop tools to simplify data conversion and project migration, especially for – but not limited to – computer-aided engineering (CAE).


Not only are our tools able to recognize specific shapes and symbols. In Addition, they can deduce less obvious information from a drawing, e.g. the connectivity of its components from simple lines. In such a way, we are for example able to convert DXF drawings of wiring diagrams to an XML file for import in CAE applications, write a wire lists etc.



Here is a simplified illustration of the workflow of our recognition and conversion tools:


1. Some graphical input is passed to the tool (for example DXF).


2. Basic elements are recognized.


3. Based on the recognized elements, the remaining graphics and texts are interpreted, names and other attributes get assigned to identified objects.


4. The collected information can be exported as structured data like spreadsheets or in a file format for import in CAE tools (for example XML), including graphics.

Currently we focus on tools for importing data in Mentor Graphics‘ products for electrical and wire harness design. We also cooperate with Har-Tech in order to provide software or services specifically adjusted to customers‘ needs – and we are always happy to work on exiting new projects for other kinds of data recognition and conversion.


We like a challenge, so for any requests, feel free to contact us.